Meet Dr. Johns in Highland IN

dr photo I became a dentist due to the influence and dedicated example of my dad, who was a dentist in the Calumet region for 50 years. I have been practicing dentistry for 27 years, and the ability to change someone’s life through quality dental care is very exciting to me, whether I am providing routine care, cosmetic correction, or working with an apprehensive patient. I am passionate about providing the best possible care in a timely, affordable, and compassionate manner.

I have always discussed treatments with my patients and tried to present them with the best options available, based only on the patient’s unique needs. I have never, and will never, dictate a treatment to a patient; rather, I give my patients the information they need to make decisions based on what’s right for them and then support them along that treatment path.

My patients are always my focus. I see people from all walks of life and it is truly enriching for me to learn from and care for each and every one of them. My profession allows me a unique opportunity to spend time with a variety of fascinating people, each with a story to tell and lessons to share, which are an unexpected blessing of my career choice.

Education and Continuing Education

In addition to the education I received for my formal degrees, I continually expand my knowledge of developing technologies, and new treatment processes and therapies, through participation in the Dental Study Club of Northwest Indiana and the Seattle Study Club. I also attend lectures, seminars, hands-on teaching demonstrations, and conferences throughout the year. By keeping abreast of changes in dentistry, I am able to improve the care I provide to my patients.

Professional Affiliations

Personal Life

dr photo

I am a life-long resident of Munster, IN, except for my college and graduate school years. My family is comprised of my wife Jennifer, daughters Hailey and Genevieve, our dog Holly, and our pony Ivy. Personally, I am most passionate about my family and our shared time together. All three have recently joined me at our office and I love having the opportunity to spend my days with them. However, I also enjoy a few rounds of golf, working in our yard, and following the various activities of the Indiana University sports teams, too.

I believe in contributing to our community, including our public school system, the South Shore Arts Association, and Ridge United Methodist Church. I also coached AAU basketball for 10 years. Additionally, my practice supports various organizations and teams that our patients are involved with. Being and feeling a part of this community is one of the greatest blessings of my decision to live, practice, and raise a family here.

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