Meet Our Team in Highland IN


Dental Assistant

Listening to the patient’s family stories of life and love that they share with me is a great part of my job. Being with this practice for over 40 years, affords me the opportunity to care for the children of the patients that were just little kids when I started working. As an assistant, using my compassion and empathy to help make the patient’s visit with us an enjoyable experience, assisting the doctor by anticipating his needs during procedures, and the needs of the patient, and doing whatever is necessary for the team to keep the office running smoothly and efficiently, are everyday events. In addition, it is easy to give the patient reassurance when I believe and know that Dr. Johns is an excellent dentist… gentle, informative, and a perfectionist in his work.

In my personal time, I enjoy improving my Body/Mind/Spirit connection through workshops, retreats, classes, and practicing meditation and Reiki. I love to travel, read, watch movies, and love the time spent with my family… especially my grandsons.


Dental Hygienist

I have had the pleasure of being a Dental Hygienist with Rick Johns Dental for more than 16 years. I am very lucky to work with a great group of people who share the same goal of providing our patients with the best quality care. I enjoy seeing my patients year after year and getting to know all about them.

I am responsible for assessing oral health conditions, performing oral cancer screenings, taking X-rays, performing routine and periodontal cleanings, and applying sealants and fluorides. I also educate our patients about home oral hygiene practices and how to stay healthy between visits.

When I’m not at work I am spending time with my family. My husband and I are craft beer enthusiasts, who love cycling and traveling as much as we can, usually exploring bike paths along the way.


Dental Assistant / Front Office Assistant/Social Media Manager

Over the past 10 years that I’ve been working for Rick Johns Dental, I have gotten to know a lot of our patients.  It has been very sweet seeing a lot of the young kids when I first started are now in high school and driving.  Some of the older children are now away at college.  It has also been very nice letting them get to know me.  A lot has changed for me working here in the last 10 years.  I am married, we have 3 beautiful children, and I have added new tasks to my position to make my schedule a little more flexible.  I try to be home with my children as much as possible.

I am everywhere!  You may find me assisting Dr. Johns, or up front helping Mia with hygiene recall phone calls and insurance verification.  I also manage our social media pages.

When I’m not here I am at home with my family.  We like taking walks around our neighborhood and Wicker Park. My children love ending our walks at the playground.  We spend our weekends with family and just enjoy being together. 


Financial / Treatment Coordinator

We have great patients. I look forward to their visits, whether they’re coming in for a checkup and cleaning or more in-depth work. Our relationship with each patient is something I take pride in; they are a part of our extended family. Around our office, I take care of many things, from making and confirming appointments to sending out appointment reminders, verifying dental insurance for our patients, and overseeing the new patient paperwork and charting. I also work with our patients on financial matters, including pretreatment estimates and payment plans, and their insurance claims, too. I also order our office supplies and make sure that our software is current. I tend to be constantly moving, but I’m never too busy for a chat.

When I’m not spending time here at the office, I’m living an adventure with my husband, Tom, and our two dogs, Juno and Stella. Movies, reading, art, and photography are a few of my favorite things..


Dental Hygienist

With almost three decades of excellence and dedication to dentistry, Dental Hygiene has been the right career choice for me! As a clinical Dental Hygienist, I am committed to improving oral health to patients of all ages. It is this personal interaction with my patients that has inspired my passion over the years. I have treated so many amazing patients, and built lasting relationships both inside and outside the dental setting.

Outside the office, I enjoy building community relationships through Public Health. I lecture to elementary and middle school children during Dental Health Month each year. I educate a variety of age appropriate topics to ensure the best dental health of the children in our local community.

As a dental professional, I am a member of the local NWI Dental Hygiene Study Club. Through this group of professionals, I continue my education with a skill level of excellence and knowledge of current innovative technology that is forever changing in Dentistry.

Lastly, when I’m not at work, I am spending time with my amazing family. I have two fun-filled, energetic boys that keep me forever busy. I spend many leisure hours cheering them on at their sporting events.


Practice Manager

I love sitting in my office and listening to our patients as they come and go. Because of my limited office involvement until recent years, I have had nothing to do with building the relationships that exist with our patients over the years. As a relative outsider, I am overwhelmed by the genuine and thoughtful exchanges between our patients and our team members. Here, I manage many aspects of our practice, including bookkeeping, human resources and marketing.

I count myself a lucky woman, as I not only have a job I love, but I get to work with my husband, Dr. Rick! I have genuinely enjoyed raising our two amazing, horse-crazed daughters with him, and they have recently started working here with us. With his support, I am able to be active at the girls’ schools, in our community, and in the development of the girls’ riding careers, too. Like most families, we are wickedly busy, frenzied, and on the run, but I wouldn’t trade any of it with anyone!


I just started working here this year with my sister, Hailey. Dr. Rick is my father and he’s the best at everything! I really like working with my mom, but my parents ask me to help with all kinds of things. I love my dog Holly and my pony Ivy! I wish that I could be at the barn with Holly every day! Oh, and I totally love my family!



Like my sister Genevieve, I just started working here. I do whatever my parents ask me to do. Sometimes I research online, sometimes I help my mom with whatever she’s working on; I have even helped her pay the bills! I really like it that my parents ask for my input. While my schoolwork has to be my priority, my sport is my passion! I ride the hunter-jumpers, specifically the hunters. If I could live at the barn, I would! With my family and Holly, of course!


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